To enjoy good
moments of life


A study conducted in 2011 by the polling firm the Ad Hoc reveals that the residents at The Jardins de L’Aubade are 100% satisfied.
The warm and familiar enviroment makes of Jardins de l'Aubade a place to live.

Some residents of Les Jardins de l'Aubade do share here their enthusiasm of their new lifestyle discovered when they arrive at the residence.

"We don’t think any more about our old house, we feel somehow at home here."
Mr. Lampron

"Here it is like a big family, I never feel alone."
Jacqueline Boyer

"I don’t get to miss my house ever; I haven’t had time to do what I wanted to do since I am the Aubade".
Ms. Lompre

"I live in a castle, as my son in law stated, where respect, seurity, comfort and good Canadian food marry impeccable service to give birth to a peaceful country. Unprecedented"
Mr. René Bilodeau

"If you want comfort, constant security,  a pleasant atmosphere and  specially good food is  at  the Gardens of Aubade the place to be’’
Ms. Pierrette Ainey

"I cannot forget the years I lived in Les Jardins de l'Aubade, a warm and friendly atmosphere."
Mr. Henry Cesaire


A the residence Les Jardins de L’Aubade, food is not taken superficially. We recognize that the benefits of a healthy and balanced meal contribute to mastering and maintaining an overall health.

A traditional restaurant with a sumptuous layout where you can enjoy a magnificent meal in the exclusive dining room or at your own apartment, the Chefs of Les Jardins de l'Aubade ensure to serve his customers, balanced meals.